Great Grandma's Grease

Over 5 Generations!"My Great Grandmother's recipe to sooth aches and pains has benefited our family for 5 generations. As a child I used Great Grandma's Grease for colds and flu. As an older adult I have recognized its remedy for sore muscles and joints was its mission. My Mother and Father are credited for keeping Great Grandma's Grease in our medicine cabinets and that of our friends for many years. It is our bucket list wish to bring Great Grandma's Grease to the public and spread its soothing comfort for generations to come."

"Thank you Great Grandma!"

Sharon L. Barber
Proprietor of Great Grandma's Grease

"This is a “family” product. All members can use this and will. For a chest cold as a rub, as a pain reliever for minor aches and pains and arthritis pain."
- Kandie Napier -

"I use it daily for relief from chronic pain caused by a bad fall."
- Mike Stevens -

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